How to Shampoo your hair.

When you shampoo your hair are you doing it correctlyHas any one ever explained how to do it
Professionals do it as follows.
Thoroughly brush your hair to remove any tangles & lift any loose scalp skin & debris away.
Try and use tepid water , not hot.

Professional products are more concentrated and therefore you need less .
A – 5 cent size , for short hair – 10 cent piece size for thick / long hair is ample. Put in the palm of your hand & spread on to the other hand as well , wipe over your hair so it is evenly distributed over all your hair.💆🏻
If you do shampoo daily , one lather only & if every 2nd day or longer you possibly need 2 lathers of shampoo , e.g. Shampoo rinse & repeat.
Use the pads of your finger tips to massage , not your nails .
Conditioner is best combed through with a wide tooth comb , for long hair start at the bottom then working your way up until the comb glides through ,best left in as long as possible before rinsing from your hair – not so much that it’s squeaky -not too little that it’s still feels slimy.

Try not to scub your hair dry with the towel , just blot , carefully comb & style.